A Typical Cockatoo?

This came from Elvis' temporary home:

Elvis is feeling better....

Imagine my shock when I walked in the kitchen this afternoon to find him happily destroying things on the center island.  He had crawled up the side of his cage, opened the feed door and let himself out.

He spent quite a bit of time eating the base of my computer chair, then headed for the island. He had to have flown, as there is no way he could have gotten up there by climbing. He opened a can, chewed up a box of tissues, tossed lots of things onto the floor, and ate some mail.

Time to get him into a permanent, cockatoo-proof cage!

After the Surgery

Last Tuesday morning Elvis had his surgery performed by Dr. Kevin Roeser at St. Francis Animal & Bird Hospital in Roseville MN.
Dr. Roeser called us in the afternoon to report that the surgery was a success, and that this happy little bird was already up and playing!

Elvis came home the following day and is climbing, perching, playing and getting around just fine. Most of the time he wears a little "onesie" to protect the wound as it heals. The picture above was taken between changes.

We'd like to thank everyone who has donated to help pay for his surgery - We simply couldn't afford to do this sort of thing without your help. We'd like to offer special thanks to St. Francis Animal & Bird Hospital and Dr. Roeser for doing a great job and for keeping the costs in line. We'd also like to mention very generous donations that came from My Safe Bird Store and everyone at Minnesota Companion Bird Association!

As of this writing we're almost half way there, so we're still accepting donations. If you'd like to help please contact us or use the PayPal link on our Help Elvis page.

Before The Surgery

This is a picture of Elvis from May 6, 2011. The swollen left foot is quite apparent. He's very happy and playing with toys and people. It's difficult to imagine that he's in any pain although it's almost certain that he is.