Bella's Story

We recently received a call from a gentleman wishing to surrender his cockatoo "Bella" because his wife was very allergic to the bird. He had purchased Bella from someone who had found the bird walking around his backyard some time ago. The reason that person had sold the bird was because it had been attacking his wife.
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It's very common for a parrot to know and speak his own name on a regular basis. Because of this many lost parrots retain their original name when they find a new home for themselves. This really paid off for Bella in a big way when one of our staff remembered that someone from that part of town had lost a cockatoo named Bella about 18 months ago.

She contacted someone who was very familiar with the lost bird and had its leg band information. She was able to confirm that this was indeed the same bird! Bella was reunited with her family that same evening after being gone for a year and a half.

Bella's Home!